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hi i'm emily i'm from chicago and i like my boy and taking long naps that make me feel like shit
Go Blackhawks!

Danny just met my mom

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Day 5: put cellophane on my windows last night, woke up this morning inside a rainbow
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jailbirdstreet said: okay so for the take back the night thing, im thinking the 26th in millenium park. im asking people around my school to come, can you aks anyone you think might be interested in it to come? i just need like 25 people, including you. i mean, its not gonna be a big thing, just hanging out in millenium park at night, but april is sexual assault awareness month so this will be pretty cool idk man????

Yes I’ll ask ppl

This was not meant to be public but msg me 4 deats if u in chicago
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Real talk my eyes makeup is on point
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I stayed up until 5 am watching parks and rec
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too lazy to masturbate can you do it for me

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Breaks from school are cool because I have all this time to myself but that time to myself always turns into self loathing and I just fucking wish I didn’t have to go crazy over school to not go fucking crazy over how much I hate myself

(Chris Traeger voice) you are literally a piece of shit

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